IHSAA Expectations:
The IHSAA wants to make sure that composure is maintained at all athletic events. Good Sportsmanship is expected from the coaches, players and parents. Enthusiastic spectators are one of the things that make soccer fun, but not at the expense of the officials or the other competitors.
HHHS Administration Expectations:
  • All players must be in school for at least day (must be in their 4th period class prior to bell ringing) to be eligible to participate in an event that same day.
  • Players must have a passing grade in at least 5 classes in order to participate in sports.
  • Student athletes are held to a higher standard than the average student. Incidents that may not limit academic participation may limit athletic participation. (More info in the student handbook).
  • Varsity Letters are awarded for players that enter in at least half of the halves of the varsity games i.e. 16 games = 32 halves so a player must have played in 16 varsity halves to be eligible for a varsity letter. Entering in means that they just have to be subbed in on the field, it doesn't matter if they played for 30 seconds or 20 minutes, once they are in its considered a half played. If for some reason your son is close but did not make the 16 halves then it is up to the coach?s discretion. Things taken into consideration, but not limited to: Attitude, How close they actually are, Team involvement, and Respect.
Players Expectations:
  • Have a fair and impartial opportunity to participate in practice and games.
  • Receive the coaching and leadership at the best of the coaches ability.
  • Have the ability to participate in soccer in a safe environment i.e. qualified trainers, administration, and staff.
  • Have a good time and enjoy the opportunity to participate in soccer at HHHS.
  • Can talk with the coaches anytime about positioning and playing time.
  • Late to practice 4 laps (1 mile).
  • Miss a practice 8 laps (2 miles).
  • Miss two practices, sit out the next scheduled game or asked to leave the team.
  • Reasonable missed practices are up to the coaches discretion.
  • If asked to leave two or more practices because of disciplinary reasons the player will be asked to leave the team.
  • Insubordination will not be tolerated towards opponents, players, coaches, referees or anyone else involved. If insubordination occurs the player may be asked to leave a practice or sit the event that will count towards one of their two for dismissal from the team. /li>
  • If any school rules are broken that would cause a reduction in playing time (ie. failing a drug test, caught smoking, etc). The player may be dismissed from the team.
Parent Expectations:
  • ALL players will be treated fairly.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please talk with coaches.
  • Playing time conversations are reserved for player and coaches. Playing time is not discussable with parents, it is between the coach and player.
  • Cost and schedule conflicts will be kept to a minimum.
Coach Expectations:
  • After school practices will begin at 3:10 PM each day and will typically conclude around 5:15 PM.
  • All players must ride the bus to and from games unless parental written permission is received prior to departure and only for extenuating circumstances.
  • Booster club support.
  • Players are expected to always bring both uniforms to EVERY game.
  • The uniforms will be cared for appropriately.
  • Uniforms should be washed in cold water and stains should be removed with a spot stain remover i.e. Spray & Wash. If you must use the dryer to dry the uniforms never use the hot setting. Please use the coolest setting you have and then make sure that the uniform is removed prior to being completely dry.
  • All uniforms are to be returned in the same manner as they were distributed. CLEAN AND COMPLETE. Any uniforms not returned or returned damaged, as the result of improper care will need to be replaced by the player responsible.
  • Fees, forms, and administrative stuff will be returned on time.